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AI+Blockchain - Trust for your lifestyle

Did you ever ask yourself: I can trust this brand, this product, this service?

Did you really check the information about the product that was provided to you or that you found on the packaging or into the offer?

Are you sure it's not a copy or contains dangerous ingredients?

Are you sure that the product you purchased was handled correctly and at the right temperatures by the importer, logistics, distributor, shop?

Now with Shartify Trust Ranking, the revolutionary AI + Blockchain @Yiducity service, you can immediately check the real Trust of a Brand - product - service including the connected Supply Chain (logistics, transport, conservation, storage ...).

How it is calculated

we measure what is really important to you

Authentication & Validation

company information, brand / product / distribution channels, customs and logistic documents, resellers verification, product lots information verification, ingredients, allergens and much more with Shartify Ydbchain by Qiaotag..


customer care, support, guaranteed, return policiy, innovation, other information available, discounts policy fairness and more....


perceptions and sentiment about brand, emotional bond, leadership, company performances,reactions and presence on social media, media, word of mouth and much more with Shartify AI by Qiaotag ...

How to read the Trust Ranking Index

Values and Trust connected

   0    |   Red   | NO TRUST / uncooperative company / insufficient information

1 - 3 |   Orange   | LOW TRUST

4 - 6 |   Yellow   | MODERATE TRUST

7 - 9 |   Light Green   | GOOD TRUST

  10  |   Green   | GOLD TRUST

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to your friends, relatives, contacts

Buy informed and safe

An interactive traceability with which you can now buy informed and safe:in real time you can now access to the certified of Shartify's products information. (trademark, customs documents, list of ingredients, allergens, certifications etc.)

Choose certified excellences

With one click it also enables you to access commercial information around you connected to the brands and verified products (shops, events, promotions, try & buy...) and on different channels such as eCommerce, Blogs, Socials.A tool that can help you to choose informed with serenity, being able to discover excellence for your lifestyle.

Share and earn

Share with serenity to your friends and contacts the brands, products, services you prefer, in one click on social, email or sms.By doing this you inform them too and you will receive special rewards that you can spend on Yiducity .

Our Mission

AI+Blockchain - Anti-Fake world

Shartify's mission is to carry out an active action to contrast the Fake, the imitation, the adulterated and the unhealthy, certifying the data, sources, channels and information of the selected brands, products and services.

Shartify is a Trust Ranking available to the consumer with which it can independently evaluate if a brand - product service is authentic, reliable, safe. At the same time, it's a tool that concretely helps the brand to compete on the market based on its reliability, credibility and values.

Awesome Features

AI+Blockchain Authentication and Tracking for anything

Anti-Fake Environment

All contents, news, products, offers, information, locations, interactions, transactions are FAKE-FREE.
Authenticated by Qiao Tag.

Real Time traceability

of a contents, news, products and more information related,such as product details, manufacturer, importers / exporters, advice for the best use, expiration dates, post-sale support and more.


in one page only geolocalized & multilanguage product information, multichannel availability (Where can try, Where can buy (e-commerce, Shops)) and special activities around your customers and Universal QR Code for your products.

Geolocalized Interaction

All-Around Me:All product traced by QIAO TAG have own 'geolocalized product passports and permit to manage interaction with consumer anywhere and in anytime.

Live tracking

Offline and Online and from any e-Commerce, QIAO TAG permit to give live tracking with multilanguage product information, multichannel availability (Where can try, Where can buy).


Interactive agreements with which sell/buy anything (Products, Services..) with Interactive conditions & clauses and certification & Interactive Guarantee.


Qiao Tags


Products Verification




iSmart Contracts

Become Yiducity eCitizen, the Smart City QIAO TAGs based

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